Comparing Watch Winder Motors

Comparing Watch Winder Motors: Which is Best?

For watch enthusiasts and collectors, the motor is a critical component of any watch winder. The quality, performance, and reliability of the motor determine how effectively the winder keeps automatic watches running smoothly and accurately. In this guide, we will compare different types of watch winder motors, discuss their benefits and drawbacks, and help you determine which motor is best for your needs. Lux Watch Care offers a range of watch winders featuring various motor technologies to meet your specific requirements.

Types of Watch Winder Motors

  1. Japanese Mabuchi Motors
    Overview: Mabuchi Motors, made in Japan, are renowned for their reliability, quiet operation, and efficiency. These motors are commonly used in mid-range and high-end watch winders.
    • Quiet Operation: Known for their ultra-quiet performance, making them ideal for use in bedrooms or offices.
    • Durability: Highly durable and long-lasting, providing consistent winding performance.
    • Energy Efficiency: Consumes less power, making them cost-effective to run over time.
  2. Drawbacks:
    • Cost: Generally more expensive than lower-quality motors, but the investment is worthwhile for their reliability and performance.
  3. Lux Watch Care Recommendation: Ideal for collectors seeking a balance of performance, durability, and quiet operation.
  4. Swiss Motors
    Overview: Swiss motors are synonymous with precision and quality. They are often found in premium watch winders and are known for their exceptional performance and craftsmanship.
    • Precision: Offers precise and reliable winding, ensuring your watches remain accurate and ready to wear.
    • Longevity: Built to last, with high-quality components that ensure long-term reliability.
    • Silent Operation: Operates quietly, providing a peaceful environment.
  5. Drawbacks:
    • High Cost: Among the most expensive motor options, reflecting their premium quality and performance.
  6. Lux Watch Care Recommendation: Best for serious collectors and high-end watches that demand the highest level of precision and reliability.
  7. Chinese Motors
    Overview: Chinese motors are commonly used in budget-friendly watch winders. While they offer affordability, their performance and durability can vary widely.
    • Affordability: More affordable than Japanese or Swiss motors, making them accessible to a broader range of collectors.
    • Availability: Widely available and used in many entry-level watch winders.
  8. Drawbacks:
    • Noise: Often noisier than Japanese or Swiss motors, which can be disruptive in quiet environments.
    • Durability: May not be as durable or reliable, with a higher likelihood of requiring maintenance or replacement.
  9. Lux Watch Care Recommendation: Suitable for budget-conscious collectors or those with a smaller, less valuable collection.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Watch Winder Motor

  1. Noise Level
    • Quiet Operation: Essential for use in quiet environments like bedrooms or offices. Japanese and Swiss motors are known for their silent operation.
    • Motor Noise: Consider the noise level of the motor, especially if you plan to place the watch winder in a quiet space.
  2. Durability and Longevity
    • Long-Term Reliability: Choose a motor that is known for its durability and long-term reliability. Swiss and Japanese motors are excellent in this regard.
    • Maintenance Needs: Consider the maintenance needs of the motor. Higher-quality motors generally require less maintenance.
  3. Performance and Precision
    • Consistent Winding: Look for a motor that provides consistent and precise winding to keep your automatic watches running accurately.
    • Customization Options: Ensure the motor supports customizable settings for TPD (turns per day) and rotation direction to accommodate different watch movements.
  4. Energy Efficiency
    • Power Consumption: Consider the energy efficiency of the motor. Efficient motors like those from Mabuchi consume less power, making them more cost-effective to run over time.

Popular Watch Winders and Their Motors

  1. Wolf Viceroy Single Watch Winder
    Motor: Japanese Mabuchi Motor
    • Ultra-quiet operation.
    • Durable and reliable.
    • Customizable settings for TPD and rotation direction.
  2. Lux Watch Care Recommendation: Ideal for collectors seeking a high-quality, reliable watch winder.
  3. Orbita Avanti 9 Watch Winder
    Motor: Swiss Motor
    • Precision winding with silent operation.
    • High-end construction with advanced features.
    • Long-term reliability.
  4. Lux Watch Care Recommendation: Best for high-end collectors who demand precision and luxury.
  5. JQUEEN Double Watch Winder
    Motor: Japanese Mabuchi Motor
    • Quiet and efficient.
    • Affordable with customizable settings.
    • Elegant design with durable construction.
  6. Lux Watch Care Recommendation: Perfect for collectors seeking a balance of affordability and performance.
  7. Versa Automatic Single Watch Winder
    Motor: Chinese Motor
    • Budget-friendly.
    • Compact and efficient.
    • Customizable rotation settings.
  8. Lux Watch Care Recommendation: Suitable for entry-level collectors or those on a budget.

Why Choose Lux Watch Care?

At Lux Watch Care, we specialize in providing high-quality silent watch winders designed to meet the needs of discerning watch enthusiasts and collectors. Our selection features winders equipped with various motor technologies, ensuring your timepieces are well cared for and beautifully displayed.

  • Premium Materials: Our watch winders are made from luxurious materials such as wood, leather, and metal, offering durability and a sophisticated look.
  • Innovative Designs: We offer a variety of sleek and modern designs that cater to different tastes, from minimalist to classic.
  • Advanced Technology: Lux Watch Care watch winders include customizable settings, silent motors, and other advanced features to protect and display your watches.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and support, ensuring you find the perfect watch winder for your collection.


Choosing the right watch winder motor is essential for maintaining the accuracy and longevity of your automatic watches. Whether you prefer the quiet and efficient Japanese Mabuchi motors, the precision and reliability of Swiss motors, or the affordability of Chinese motors, Lux Watch Care offers a wide range of high-quality watch winders to meet your needs. Explore our collection today and find the perfect watch winder to enhance your watch care routine. Visit us at Lux Watch Care to discover more.
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